Thumbnails disappear on hosting site but not if I run the html file locally

Oct 13, 2014 at 9:25 PM
Edited Oct 13, 2014 at 9:29 PM
Hello there

I am using the ad-gallery plugin and I'm having quite a lot of trouble with it,
If you go ahead and go to my friends site "here" you can see if you select a thumbnail from the bottom the image in the gallery changes however the image thumbnail disappears for the no reason?!?!?! This is quite confusing, if I open up the site on my local machine and not going via the hosting server my gallery works without a problem and thumbnails do not disappear. Can anyone help me out here?


looking in the console of chrome looking at
<a href="images/1.png" class="ad-thumb0 ad-active">
this is in the styles
::content .ad-LREC, ::content .ad-MediumRectangle, ::content .ad-RR, ::content .ad-S, ::content .ad-SuperBanner, ::content .ad-W, ::content .ad-a, ::content .ad-abc, ::content .ad-above-header, ::content .ad-active, ::content .ad-adSense, ::content .ad-adcode, ::content .ad-adlink-bottom, ::content .ad-adlink-side, ::content .ad-adsense-block-250, ::content .ad-alsorectangle, ::content .ad-area, ::content .ad-area-small, ::content .ad-atf, ::content .ad-atf-medRect
but those styles aren't on my local copy???? where on earth is it getting those styles?