Back arrow CSS for IE 6 is incomplete


/* IE 6 doesn't like height: 100% */
* html .ad-gallery .ad-forward, .ad-gallery .ad-back { height: 100px; }
No, I'm not actually worried about IE 6 at this point. However, the second selector also needs "* html" so that the height of the back button also remains 100% in all other browsers.
/* IE 6 doesn't like height: 100% */
* html .ad-gallery .ad-forward, * html .ad-gallery .ad-back { height: 100px; }
This is not an issue out of the box, since the background of the back and forward arrows is set exactly 22 pixels from the top. However, it became an issue for me after changing the vertical position of the arrows to 50%.
.ad-back, .ad-forward { background-position: 0 50%; }