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2 issues with 1.2.5 version, upgraded from 1.2.2

May 3, 2012 at 4:01 PM

First issue, the content of ad-controls '(x/xx and start/stop controls) is printed as many times i uploaded files (concatening to old text while replace from old text). For example, if my directory contains 10 pictures, befor upload 1 image, it prints 1/10 and start stop, that's right, but for each picture uploaded i have an additionnal counter for pictures (1/10/ 2/11... and start/stop start/stop...).
Second issue, i was using a fonction to automatically show the last picture uploaded after an upload, here is the fonction :

function() {
return false;

This function no longer works with version 1.2.5.
Does the call function changed ?

Thanks ;-)